Shipping & Delivery Policy

Shipping & Delivery Policy

After your order has been confirmed, you will be required to assign a suitable date, time and address for us to pick up your shoes or handbags. After the pick up, some pictures of your shoes or handbags will be taken and sent to the repair team to confirm whether the repairs can be made or not. If the repair or restoration work is well within our purview, our staff will provide you with a receipt.

When the restoration and repair work is complete on your shoes or handbag, we will inform you about the same and set up a suitable date, time and place for delivering your valuable shoes or handbags.

For Dry Clean, we take 6 business days.

For Dry Clean and Repair, we take 10 business days.

(Please note that, the above mentioned is the total Turn Around Time, we are committing on.)

In some cases, repair work can take some extra time depending upon the nature and complexity level of repair. Hence the same shall be duly informed in advance.

If there are any changes in the order, you are requested to contact us at the earliest. Cancellation of an order will be accepted only if your shoes or handbags are not pick up by our pick-up staff.

Contact us to check the status of your order.