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Inner sole replacement:

Sometimes, what seems like the least significant thing gives the hardest time. The same can be said for inner soles used in shoes and heels. At WeDoShoes, we understand the pain that a tiny little prick can give you. Therefore, we replace your damaged inner soles with specialized inner soles that provide you total comfort. We also provide extra padding of inner soles on special request.


A stitch in time saves nine! We strongly believe this philosophy and therefore recommend you to get your handbags or footwear stitched at the earliest sign of damage. Our stitching techniques employ the best and highest quality stitching equipment to ensure that the stitches on your shoes or handbags or heels no longer remain an issue of concern for you anymore.

Lace replacement:

Finding a lace replacement for your high end shoes can often be a problem. We provide shoe lace replacement for all kinds of shoes. Maintaining the originality of your shoe is our prime objective. In case, this is not possible, we will call you seek your permission for a change.

Rivets replacement:

Are you wondering what rivets are? They are the little metal or plastic structures through which your shoe lace goes through. When we change shoe rivets, we want to maintain a uniformity in your shoe design and so we replace the rivets in pairs.


A little stain or a little hole can ruin the beauty of your wonderful shoes or handbags. But, that should not be reason enough for you to dispose of them. At WeDoShoes, we provide excellent patchwork to cover those flaws in your shoes and handbags. Our Patchwork only adds to the beauty of your footwear and handbag, as seamlessly merges into the original design.

Sole pasting/ Heel pasting:

Worried about that shoe and sole breaking apart? Well you should be. As they say, 'Nothing lasts forever.' Our sole pasting solution, that incorporates a lot of hard work and world-class adhesives, ensures that the soles of your shoes stay strongly in union with the rest of your shoes. We apply the same principle and logic for your heeled shoes too.

Heel replacement:

Damaged heels are replaced by new heels for better look and more comfort. When the heels of your shoes wear out, we ensure that your shoes look and feel great as well. We replace the entire heel of your shoes with a premium quality heel.

Full sole replacement:

A hole in your sole can render your footwear useless. But not if you replace the entire sole. Like all the other products that WeDoShoes uses in repairing your footwear, you can rest assured that your new soles will be of high grade quality. The replaced sole will bring your shoe back to life, while still providing you great, if not the greatest comfort, while wearing the footwear.


Faded handbags, faded shoes (eww!!!). They make you feel old, unstylish and graceless. We provide you with a great opportunity to change all that with our re-coloring services. We use safe products, that are not only safe for your footwear or handbags, but also for you and the environment as well. Our re-coloring technique can bring out the best in every footwear or handbag you own.

Strap/buckle replacement:

How often has a broken strap or buckle of your handbag forced you to throw away that bag. Now, with our strap/buckle replacement services, you can ensure that your bag stays functional and new.

Heel tip replacement:

Missing heel tips is a common and annoying shoe problem. We offer premium quality heel tip replacement to ensure that your shoes look and feel better than before.

Zip replacement:

Zips are the most important part of a handbag. And a damaged zip can result in you discarding your favorite bag. Our zip replacement service ensures that your new zip matches your handbag in all aspects.

Fabric/leather conditioning:

Missing heel tips is a common and annoying shoe problem. We offer premium quality heel tip replacement to ensure that your shoes look and feel better than before.

Toe Replacement:

Sports shoes are necessary tools for a healthy body and a healthy life. So don't give up on sports just because the shoe toe guard of your shoes is damaged. WeDoShoes offers premium quality toe replacement in your shoes.

Collar Replacement:

Are you uncomfortable walking around in your shoes because the collar of your shoe is damaged? Why not welcome a complete collar replacement service for utmost ease all day long? WeDoShoes uses premium quality replacements to ensure longevity and maximum comfort. Collar in your Shoe is the stitching that forms the rim of a shoe.

Shoe Net Replacement:

Most sports shoes have a little portion of nets in them that allows breathe-ability. But torn or damaged nets totally spoils the look of your expensive sports shoes. This does not warrant you to throw away your otherwise perfectly functioning shoes. Bring them to WeDoShoes, the expert in shoe net replacement. Our net replacement technique ensures that the look and feel of your shoes are better than before.

Side Piping:

Side Piping Service in a Travel Bag is all about repairing the rubber piping that goes all along with the circumference of the bag.The Side Piping can either be repaired by stitching/pasting the same pipe or replacing it entirely if the pipe is in worst condition.The Side Piping Service, at WeDoShoes, promises to give back optimum support to your travel bags and ensures your luggage to rest safely inside!

Size Alteration:

Alterations are small changes to any garment so that it fits better than earlier. It requires high end expertise to do the changes as per customers requirement because alterations are done by machines / skilled hands or a combination of both.

Inner Lining Service:

A lining is an inner layer of fabric/fur or other material used into the jacket. At WeDoShoes, a Jacket’s lining is replaced with quality fabric for providing much-needed comfort & stability to the wearer. Give more life & health to your Leather Jackets with our just-a-call-away Jacket Repair Service.

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