About Us

About Us


We are dedicated towards the highest degree of customer satisfaction through our excellent repair services.


To create and expand market space for refurbished goods.

An important aspect of life includes taking care of things that we value. For some, the appearance is of utmost importance and therefore shoes are, if not less, equally important for the perfect look.

At “WeDoShoes”, we are all in love with shoes, and are a company with trained & certified professionals who are wholeheartedly committed to the concept of Shoe Repair & Maintenance. A company started by shoe lovers, “WeDoShoes” is the only company which boasts of skilled experts who have more than a decade of experience in the footwear and accessories industry.

It is not just shoes that we clean and refurbish, we also restore, repair and clean other leather and non-leather items such as handbags, purses, jackets and travel bags. We understand the importance of a good looking handbag or a purse and so we ensure quality work on your favorite handbags and purses. Likewise, we take care of your iconic leather jackets and keep them new and shining forever.Our newly introduced Dry clean & Repair services for your Travel Bags, promise to give high doses of freshness to your old, tired & lifeless Travel Bags!

Convenience is our priority and therefore we provide free pickup and delivery services.

Being cost effective is of utmost importance and therefore without any compromise on the quality of work, we endeavor to provide the most feasible pricing for our services, which is inclusive of shipping, through a variety of payment methods.

So whenever in need of any repair or restoration services for your old, torn shoes, handbags or travel bags, feel free to contact us. We assure you that your valued item will become more valuable with our restoration and repair services.

Our Services

Maintaining ''shoe and handbag'' hygiene is not a child's play. It takes a lot of hard work and delicate hands of a skilled expert to clean them while keeping their shapes intact. This is done with a blend of the latest technologies and our skilled experts.

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Sole Pasting
  • Stitching
  • Shoe cream polishing
  • Full sole replacement
  • Shoe-net replacement
  • Shoe-patch repair
  • Inner sole replacement
  • Lace replacement
  • Rivets replacement
Handbags & Jackets
  • Cleaning
  • Re-coloring
  • Stitching
  • Strap Replacement
  • Zip replacement
  • Fabric conditioning
  • Patchwork
  • Side Piping
  • Size Alternation
  • Inner Lining

Our Process

I. Documentation

Once your order is placed, we pick it up from your doorstep and note down your requirements with pictures so that we can hand over the same to the repair team.

II. Analysis

Our team of experts will analyze the need and scope of repair whether it is repairable or not. If rejected by the team of experts, it will be communicated & sent back to you.

III. Repairing

Keeping your requirements in mind our team of experts will start the process of repairing, and if any need of replacement of any part arises, we shall contact you for the same and only after your confirmation, the relevant parts will be replaced.

IV. Quality check

Once the repair/replacement is done, our quality assurance team will examine the same thoroughly and if found OK shall be sent for next process of dry clean /polishing.

V. Dry Cleaning & Polishing

As per the need of each individual product dry cleaning, polishing, coloring shall be carried out in such a way to match your expectations.

VI. Final Check

A final quality check is done and pictures are taken before sending it back to you.

VII. Back To You

An email confirmation is sent to you stating that your order is ready for delivery and it shall reach you as per scheduled time & location.